RIO Skagit Max Line



The RIO Skagit Max is an exceptionally easy casting Skagit style shooting head that will cast big flies, and the heaviest sinking tips with the utmost of ease. A unique taper design not only casts all the nasty stuff associated with Skagit fishing, but also forms beautiful loops and is extremely pleasant to cast. The head is built on RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for the utmost in casting control and sensitivity, and has a highly visible orange section loop for easy recognition. It is available in a multitude of lengths and weights to cover all rod and angling situations.

  • Ultra-low stretch core for the best in casting and fishing sensitivity
  • Easy loading design
  • Printed ID system on the rear of the head for quick recognition
  • Color is teal with a high viz orange rear loop.
For best performance, RIO recommends attaching the following head sizes to these shooting lines sizes:
  • 275gr to 450gr – .024"/.026” Powerflex/ConnectCore shooting line, or 25lb SlickShooter/GripShooter
  • 450gr to 550gr – .030"/.032” Powerflex/ConnectCore shooting line, or 35lb SlickShooter/GripShooter
  • 550gr to 650gr – .035"/.037” Powerflex/ConnectCore shooting line, or 44lb SlickShooter/GripShooter
  • 650gr and bigger – .040"/.042” Powerflex/ConnectCore shooting line, or 50lb SlickShooter/GripShooter
RIO Skagit Max taper diagram
Head wt
Rod wt* Head Length Color Sink Rate
6wt 23ft Teal / Orange Float
6/7wt 23ft Teal / Orange Float
7wt 23ft Teal / Orange Float
7wt 23ft Teal / Orange Float
7/8wt 23ft Teal / Orange Float
7/8wt 23ft Teal / Orange Float
8wt 24ft Teal / Orange Float
8/9wt 24ft Teal / Orange Float
9wt 24ft Teal / Orange Float
9wt 25ft Teal / Orange Float
9/10wt 25ft Teal / Orange Float
10wt 25ft Teal / Orange Float
10/11wt 25ft Teal / Orange Float
11wt 25ft Teal / Orange Float

*Rod Weight designations provided by RIO and should be used as a general guide and will vary based on different manufacturer’s rods, as well as each angler's casting style.