R.L. Winston B IIIx Rods

R.L. Winston


The BIIIx is the trout rod you have been looking for. It is the epitome of Winston feel and will be at home on any trout stream.

Utilizing higher modulus third generation Boron/Graphite composite, Boron IIIx rods offer unprecedented performance.

They have an even broader casting range that lets anglers control line speed for long casts directly into the wind or gentle presentations up close. They feature a stronger butt section for lifting more line off the water. They are highly responsive and very powerful, yet lightweight with great feel and liveliness. In the words of Winston's technical advisor Joan Wulff, "Boron IIIx rods are an amazing combination of speed, power and Winston smoothness".

Line: Length: Grip:
3wt 8'6" Cigar
4wt 8' Cigar
4wt 8'6" Cigar
4wt 9' Cigar
4wt 10' Full Wells
5wt 8'6" Cigar
5wt 9' Cigar
5wt 9'6" Full Wells
6wt 9' Cigar
6wt 9'6" Full Wells
7wt 9' Full Wells
7wt 9'6" Full Wells
7wt 10' Full Wells
8wt 9' Full Wells
8wt 9'6" Full Wells