Sage Accel Rods


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Sage is constantly improving their mid price level offerings. The Accel is lighter, smoother and just a tad slower then previous models. Pair this rod up with a Rio Gold fly line and you will have an excellent accurate casting rod. 

One of the greatest benefits of pushing the limits of rod technology is providing vital insight to rod design using previous technologies. Case in point, Sage's new fast action ACCEL family of single-handed and two-handed Spey and switch rods. Created using their responsive Generation 5 technology, Sage's all-new ACCEL benefits from key insights garnered through the development of Konnetic Technology. It’s like going back in time to bet on your favorite sports team with the score in hand—you’ve got a winner and you know it.

The already responsive Generation 5 technology was made more so with improvements to the carbon fiber alignment and resin application that help give the ACCEL its impressive loading and recovery qualities. Combining power and finesse with elegance, the ACCEL is a finely crafted fishing tool with innovative features that belie its more value conscious origins. From its bright and alluring Emerald blank to its newly-designed rod seat featuring subtle details like a matt black Stealth finish and laser engraved logo, the ACCEL is a classic representation of the Sage DNA that it embodies. The ACCEL is true casting performance and value without compromise.

Model: Handle: Length: Line: Weight:
490-4 A 9'0" 4 wt 2 5/8 oz