Salmon & Steelhead - Intermediate Rod/Reel Outfit

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A perfect all-around rod, reel, and line package for salmon and steelhead in the Northwest and Alaska, our Salmon/Steelhead Intermediate Outfit will have you expertly equipped while still sticking within a reasonable budget.  This packaged outfit comes with an interchangeable sink-tip line system to cover as many salmon/steelhead situations as possible.  Whether you're targeting summer steelhead, winter steelhead, silver salmon, sockeye salmon, etc, this outfit is about as versatile as you can get for your anadromous endeavors.

The G. Loomis IMX-Pro rod is a favorite of our staff in the mid-range price category. It is a lightweight, fast-action rod with the power to launch long casts comfortably all day. The 9-foot length is a universal length for rivers of all sizes and also makes this a great choice for bonefish, bass, pike and just about any situation where an 8-weight rod is ideal.

We’ve teamed the G. Loomis IMX-Pro rod with another store favorite, the Waterworks-Lamson Guru S-Series reel. The Guru S-Series -7+ reel is the perfect size for your 8-weight rod and the Guru performs perfectly in the demanding salmon/steelhead river environments of the Northwest. Its super-smooth drag is sealed to keep water and sand from interfering with your fishing day. Its full machined aluminum construction is tough and durable for a lifetime of use.

Perhaps the most important part of this package, your outfit will arrive completely setup with a RIO InTouch VersiTip II line system. The proper fly line can make the difference between a great trip and a challenging one. The RIO VersiTip gives you all possible options to fish the water properly and is more convenient and less expensive than purchasing separate lines and extra spools. (More info below).

Your outfit will ship and arrive to you all setup and ready to fish. We will add backing and a total of four leaders, one on each of your four sink tips so all you need to worry about is which fly to tie on!

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Other items recommended to compliment your rod/reel outfit:


Items included in this package

  • G. Loomis IMX-Pro Fly Rods
  • G. Loomis IMX-Pro 890-4 Rod - 9-foot, 8-weight, 4-piece rod

    G. Loomis IMX-Pro fly rods have been a hit with anglers in our fly shop and everywhere else.  They feature powerful butt sections for pulling on hard fighting fish but are smooth casting with a perfect, all-purpose, fast-action taper.  IMX-Pro rods are a moderate priced rod but are very lightweight and cast and fish with the best of them.  Each IMX-Pro rod is made with quality components, a dark brown-olive colored blank, matching thread wraps with green highlights, single-foot guides, and an all aluminum black nickel reel seat.  G. Loomis IMX-Pro rods are 4-piece rods that come with a rod tube with sewn-in dividers.  G. Loomish Lifetime Warranty.  Made in Woodland, Washington, USA. More info.

  • Waterworks Lamson Guru Reel
  • Waterworks-Lamson Guru S-Series Reel -7+

    The Guru S-Series reels from Waterworks-Lamson are extremely popular reels that are a tremendous value.  They feature machined aluminum frames and spools and utilize the same sealed drag technology as much more expensive Waterworks-Lamson reels.  This is a die-hard reel that has performed well for us and our customers for years. The olive green color is a natural match with the IMX-Pro rods for an outfit that looks as nice as it performs.  Made in USA. More info.

  • Rio InTouch Versitip 2
  • RIO InTouch VersiTip II Fly Line System - 8wt

    Multi-tip line systems like the RIO InTouch VersiTip II allow the angler to connect different sink tips to change the depth at which your fly is fishing.  Changing tips is quick and easy via welded loops on the end of the main fly line and each tip.  Just connect the two loops for adding or removing a tip.  Included with the system are four different tips -- floating, intermediate sinking, medium sinking, and fast sinking.  The tips are stored in a handy tip wallet (also included) which stores easily in your jacket or pack. More info.

  • Rio Salmon Steelhead Leader Package
  • RIO Steelhead/Salmon Leaders - 12lb. - Three 6ft leaders & one 9ft leader

    RIO Steelhead/Salmon Leaders are designed for the demands of salmon and steelhead fly fishing.  They are made of a slightly stiff material for abrasion resistance and to help cast large flies.  They also have a heavier butt section than a trout leader to also aid in casting larger flies.  In your package, we include three 6-foot leaders and one 9-foot leader.  Each leader will come already installed onto the appropriate tip of your VersiTip system.  We like the 6-foot leaders on the sinking tips and the 9-foot leader on the floating tip. More info.

  • Scientific Angler Backing
  • Scientific Anglers 30lb. Backing

    Your outfit will come with the perfect amount backing already loaded onto the reel and attached to your line. We only use the best knots to rig your setup. We use the Albright Knot with a lock then sealed with glue to connect your backing to the back of your fly line.