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Scientific Anglers has a long standing reputation for making excellent sink-tip lines that cast well and sink fast. SA's Wet Tip Line has a graduated density section between the floating portion of the line and the sinking tip. The sinking tip is also tapered. Together, these two features make a very smooth casting sink-tip line that minimizes the hinging feeling of many sink-tip lines. In addition, the Wet Tip lines use SA's AST coatings for super slick shooting and low memory. Each line has a Mist Green color on the floating portion. The sink-tip length varies per line weight and is 8-feet on the 5wt, 10-feet on the 6wt, 12-feet on the 7wt, 14-feet on the 8wt, and 16-feet on the 9wt. The type V sink-tip sinks at 5.5 to 6.5 inches per second.