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Scientific Anglers' Mastery Short Belly Taper, or SBT, is just that: a short-bellied fly line with an extended handling section. That means more mass is distributed to the front of the line, which assists in turning over weighted flies and performing roll casts and Spey casts on single-handed rods.

The SBT is excellent for anglers looking for a line that casts easily and allows them to quickly deliver casts at short to medium distances, yet this line can also help anglers cast distance because you can load the rod deeply without having to carry large amounts of line in the air.  We feel the SBT is a great line choice for anglers looking for some casting help, or anglers who want a powerful line for fishing nymphs, streamers, or large dry flies from a boat.  It would also be a great choice in any situation in the wind.

  • Short head design with handling line delivers flies at short-to-medium range with extended line control
  • Turns over weighted nymphs and streamers, yet offers light presentations when used with long leaders
  • Camo non spooking tip, bright colored belly for easier handling and line control
  • Well suited for single-handed Spey casts
  • Braided multifilament core
Scientific Anglers Mastery Series SBT Line Taper
Scientific Anglers
Line Weight
21.5’ / 6,6m 100.0’ / 30,5m 100gr / 6,5g
22.3’ / 6,8m 100.0’ / 30,5m 120gr / 7,8g
23.3’ / 7,1m 100.0’ / 30,5m 140gr / 8,1g
24.3’ / 7,4m 100.0’ / 30,5m 160gr / 10,4g
25.3’ / 7,7m 100.0’ / 30,5m 185gr / 11,9g
26.3’ / 8,0m 100.0’ / 30,5m 210gr / 13,6g
27.3’ / 8,3m 100.0’ / 30,5m 240gr / 15,6g

* Grain weight for the first 30ft