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Scientific Anglers Sonar Uniform Sink - Type 3 - Closeout Sale

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Scientific Anglers Sonar Uniform Sink - Type 3

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The Scientific Anglers Sonar Uniform Sink Type 3 sinks at 2.5 to 3.5 inches per second and is ideal for fishing depths of 10- to 15-feet deep.  Although a full sinking line will sink as deep as you allow it to, this sink rate is usually best at those depths in most situations. A Type 3 sink rate is a great all-purpose sinking line if this is your first full sinking line or if you are unsure of which sink rate to get.

Full sinking lines have long been the secret of many experienced anglers for incredible effectiveness in lakes for trout.  Getting the fly down to the level the fish are feeding at is imperative.  Good lake anglers know this and employ the proper full sinking line to keep the fly where the fish are. 

Scientific Anglers has a long history of producing fantastic full sinking lines.  The SONAR Uniform Sink is the latest advancements in sinking line technology.  The concept of Uniform Sink lines is that the front of the line sinks faster than the rear, all but guaranteeing a straight-line connection to the fly.  This straight-line connection to the fly allows the angler to control the movement of the fly better, feel subtle strikes better, and get better hook sets. 

  • Front of fly line sinks slightly faster than rear, ensuring straight-line sinking
  • Sink Rates:
    • Sink 3 = 2.5 – 3.5 ips (5-9 wt.)
  • Core:
    • 5-wt. = Monofilament
    • 6-7 wt. = Braided multifilament