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Scientific Anglers Streamer Express - 30' Fast Sink - Closeout Sale

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Scientific Anglers Streamer Express - 30' Fast Sink

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The Scientific Anglers' Streamer Express is perfect for long-distance casting, bigger flies, and windy conditions. It is very popular for fishing the deeper fresh and saltwater applications in many parts of the world.

The charcoal gray 30-foot head has a sink rate of 6 to 8 inches per second and is ideal for fishing 6 to 20-foot depths. The running line uses SA's AST coating for increased slickness, durability, and reduced tangling and is colored so it is easy to see when you're at the optimum casting amount of line.

Use the 150 grain for 4 - 5 weight rods, the 300 grain for 8 - 9 weight and the 400 grain for 9 - 12 weight rods. The running line color varies with each line weight and is red (150), green (300), and blue (400)