Simms Liner Socks



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The best liner sock Simms has offered.  Simms Liner Socks wick moisture fast and hold warm air close to your skin. If you haven't tried wearing a liner sock under your wool socks, give these a try. Your feet will thank you.

Wear the Simms Liner Socks under your heavier socks for added warmth and moisture wicking without adding bulk. A big contributor to getting cold feet while wading is wearing two pairs of thick, bulky socks that make your boots fit too tight and reduce blood circulation. These Liner Socks take up very little room and are perfect under Simms' wool socks for cold situations.

We have also worn these socks on flats boats for sun protection and they did remarkably well.

Made of 75% Ultraspun Polyester, 20% Nylon, 5% Spandex. Wicks moisture quickly and uses X-Static® nylon to eliminate foot odor. Made in USA.

Slim Fit, most customers go one size up. 

  • Medium: W’s 6.5-10, M’s 5-8.5
  • Large: W’s 10.5-12.5, M’s 9-12.5
  • X-Large: M’s 13-15