Simms Wading Drink Jacket



I bet you could use a cold one, Clark!  The Simms Wading Drink Jacket attaches to your wading belt so you can have a frosty beverage right there on your hip while you fish.  The 4mm neoprene construction keeps your Yellowjacket, Silver Bullet, PBR, or whatever you drink, nice and cold and easy to grab.  The attachment strap on the back can also be used to attach the Simms Wading Drink Jacket to other things instead of your wading belt... like a tackle bag or a boat railing.  Makes a great gift!

  • 100% neoprene construction keeps beverages cold for the long haul
  • Two webbing loops to accommodate attachment to 38mm - 2" wide wading belts
  • Drain hole at bottom