Steelhead/Salmon - Premium Rod & Reel Outfit



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Sage X single hand fly rods have now been discontinued and will be available while supplies last. Steelhead and salmon fly fishing is the pinnacle of freshwater fly fishing in the opinion of many anglers. It is difficult, challenging, and frustrating, yet also exciting, exhilarating and full of anxious anticipation. Each cast could be the cast that hooks the fish you’ll talk about for the rest of your life, and serious steelhead/salmon anglers like having gear that they know will get the job done when the line suddenly snaps tight and the fight is on. 

We have assembled our Premium Steelhead/Salmon package to provide you with a top quality outfit that you will love on every cast. The Sage X rods have raised the bar in top-of-the-line fly rods. Add the smooth, reliable performance of the Galvan Torque  reel and the unquestionable advantages of a RIO VersiTip line system, and you have a very, very nice rod/reel/line combination that anyone would be proud to fish and own.   

All of our outfits come professionally setup and ready to fish all of the way down to the leader. Just add your fly of choice and hit the water with confidence.

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Items included in this package

  • Sage X 896-4 - 9' 6" 8-weight Fly Rod
  • Sage X 890-4 Rod - 9 foot, 8-weight, 4-piece rod

    Sage X rods made with Sage's Konnetic HD Technology.  This technology allowed Sage to make an incredibly light yet powerful rod that also tracks straight as an arrow for accuracy.  We've been a fan of Sage X rods since our first cast and we think you will be too. Each rod is beautifully crafted with dark green thread wraps on a black spruce blank.  Top quality components, including Stealth Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat that really adds to the beauty and high level of quality on these rods.  Sage X rods are 4-piece rods that come with a matte green aluminum rod tube and black rod sock.  Made on Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA.  Sage's Lifetime Warranty. More info.

  • Galvan Torque Fly Fishing Reels - Clear Silver
  • Galvan Torque 8

    The Galvan Torque is a super durable, fully machined reel made with the highest quality anodized 6061 bar-stock aluminum for the toughest finish. The Torque is a bombproof reel that will handle the biggest salmon and steelhead around but in a lightweight package. It is a wide large arbor reel for quick line pickup with a lot of backing capacity. This premium rod & reel outfit is perfectly balanced by the Torque reel #8.  More info.

  • RIO Versi-Tip Fly Line - Multi-Tip Fly Fishing Lines
  • RIO VersiTip II Fly Line System - 8wt

    Multi-tip line systems like the RIO VersiTip allow the angler to connect different sink tips to change the depth at which your fly is fishing.  Changing tips is quick and easy via welded loops on the end of the main fly line and each tip.  Just connect the two loops for adding or removing a tip.  Included with the system are four different tips -- floating, intermediate sinking, medium sinking, and fast sinking.  The tips are stored in a handy tip wallet (also included) which stores easily in your jacket or pack. More info.

  • RIO Salmon and Steelhead Fly Fishing Leaders
  • RIO Steelhead/Salmon Leaders - 16lb. - Three 6ft leaders & one 9ft leader

    RIO Steelhead/Salmon Leaders are designed for the demands of salmon and steelhead fly fishing.  They are made of a slightly stiff material for abrasion resistance and to help cast large flies.  They also have a heavier butt section than a trout leader, to also aid in casting larger flies.  In your package, we include three 6-foot leaders and one 9-foot leader.  Each leader will come already installed onto the appropriate tip of your VersiTip system.  We like the 6-foot leaders on the sinking tips and the 9-foot leader on the floating tip. More info.

  • Backing

    Your outfit will come with the perfect amount backing already loaded onto the reel and attached to your line. We only use the best knots to rig your setup. We use the Albright Knot with a lock then sealed with glue to connect your backing to your running line.