Ultra Spey Shooting Head System


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Developed by Eoin Fairgrieve, the Ultraspey Shooting Head system is the ultimate interchangeable shooting head system for Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead. Eoin is an ex-river guide, a former world team speycasting champion and full-time professional speycasting instructor. With over 24 years of experience working in the fly fishing industry, Eoin has extensive knowledge in both fishing for Atlantic salmon and designing tackle for modern speycasting techniques.

  • Includes 1 Floating and 1 Intermediate Shooting Head
  • Includes a sky blue running line
  • Includes 5 tips - floating thru type 8
  • Just the shooting head for the longer line casters out there
Line Size
8/9 wt
9/10 wt
10/11 wt
Grains Head
600 gr. 39'
650 gr. 41'
680 gr. 41'