Umpqua SuperFluoro Leaders 6ft



Umpqua's 6-foot fluorocarbon leaders are fast sinking, amazingly abrasion resistant, and near invisible. The are the ultimate leader for fishing full-sinking lines in stillwaters or for light saltwater applications like Washington's Puget Sound. Recommended tippet is Umpqua's SuperFluoro Tippet.

  • Almost invisible underwater
  • Unaffected by UV light rays

Ideal For

  • Light Saltwater
  • Streamers
  • Stillwaters
Umpquas Superfluoro Leader Sizing
Size Lb Test Butt Diameter Tippet Diameter
2X 11 lb 0.024" 0.009"
3X 8.5 lb 0.021" 0.008"
4X 7 lb 0.021" 0.007"
5X 5 lb 0.021" 0.006"