Umpqua Bass Leaders 8ft


$2.99 $4.99

As Umpqua states this is a "four wheel drive" type of leader.  It has a super abrasion resistant quality about it and a short taper to toss any size bass fly you need into the heaviest of cover with pinpoint accuracy.  This 8-foot leader will also double as a great longer sink tip leader for salmon and steelhead fishing.  

  • Olive Tinted for low visibility
  • Large butt section
  • Steep short taper for ultimate turnover

Ideal For

  • Bass Poppers
  • Bass Wet Flies
  • Salmon/Steelhead
Umpqua's Bass Leader Sizing
Lb Test Diameter
16.0 lb .015"
12.0 lb .012"
10.0 lb .011"