Umpqua Trout Leaders 9ft



Umpqua's 9 foot Trout taper leaders is the all-purpose favorite for many trout applications such as small nymphs, most dries, and small streamers.  The Umpqua Trout taper leaders are nylon leaders with a perfect blend of power and delicacy. The slogan of "Steelhead Strength and Spring Creek Suppleness" is dead-on. The taper on these leaders was developed by fly fishing legend, Dave Whitlock and have been a favorite of serious anglers for many years.  One per package. Olive tinted color. Recommended tippet is Umpqua's Umpqua Tippet Material.

  • Olive Tinted for low visablity and suppleness
  • Great all purpose leader
  • Perfect Blend of Power and Delicacy

Ideal For

  • Almost all fresh water fishing conditions and species
Umpquas Trout Leader Sizing
Size Lb Test Butt Diameter Tippet Diameter
2X 10.7 lb .023" .009"
3X 8.5 lb .021" .008"
4X 6.0 lb .021" .007"
5X 5.0 lb .021" .006"
6X 3.5 lb .019" .005"
7X 2.5 lb .019" .005"