Umpqua Guide Wader Belt ZS



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The Umpqua Guide Wader Belt does more than just secure you waders. The Umpqua's ZeroSweep™ Guide Wader Belt not only prevents water from filling your waders when you take that inevitable fall, it also provides secure and easy storage/access to your fishing net. Another added benefit is great back-support to minimize discomfort during a long day on your feet. And finally, Umpqua added some ZeroSweep™ features like two shielded nipper/accessory ports which allows easy attachment of zingers and other tools.

  • Two Zinger/Nipper Accessory Ports
  • “Reverse” Belt Tightening - Allows One to Cinch Belt Down Tightly for Maximum Support and Comfort
  • Wide Opening to Easily Secure the Net After Use
  • Comes with Attachment Loops to Secure Net Retainer/Leash
  • Fabric of 420 Denier Nylon with Ballistic Cordura® in high wear areas
  • Dimensions:  25" x 5"

Net and retainer leash shown in the photos are not included with the Umpqua Guide Wader Belt.