Umpqua Tippet Material



Umpqua nylon tippet material is soft, supple, and strong. It has an excellent diameter to strength ratio and really allows your flies to act naturally in the water. If you're looking for a low diameter, supple tippet material where presentation is key, consider Umpqua. Olive in color. 30 yards per spool. Perfectly matched to Umpqua's Trout and Power Taper leaders.

Size Lb Test Diameter
0X 15.0 lb .011"
1X 13.5 lb .010"
2X 10.7 lb .009"
3X 8.5 lb .008"
4X 6.0 lb .007"
5X 5.0 lb .006"
6X 3.5 lb .005"
7X 2.5 lb .005"