Umpqua U Series: U203



Umpqua U Series Fly Tying Hooks U203:

  • Curved, Straight Eye, 3XL.
  • 50-pack.
  • Equivalent to TMC 200R hooks.

From the same distributors of Tiemco hooks, Umpqua has introduced a lower priced, slightly lower quality hook in their U-Series Hooks. The Umpqua U-Series hooks come in 50-packs and feature high grade carbon steel, chemically sharpened points, micro barbs (although not as micro as their Tiemco hooks), and a range of popular styles and sizes that we’ve all come to know and love in the Tiemco line-up.

If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative in you fly tying hooks, we feel the Umpqua U-Series Hooks have done a great job and fit the bill with a solid product at a great price.