ZAP Quick Set Epoxy



Use ZAP Quick Set Epoxy to create a huge list of freshwater and saltwater patterns. Two-part epoxy builds clear, hard heads like head cements just can't do. Use ZAP Quick Set Epoxy for making clear heads on saltwater streamers (like the Joe Dirt) and use monofilament thread to make the whole head clear just like the pros.  Use this epoxy for freshwater flies too, like epoxy back wingcases on nymphs such as on the Copper John.

ZAP Quick Set Epoxy is a two-part epoxy that begins to set when the two components are mixed together.  The handy double-syringe design makes it easy to make sure you get equal amounts of the two parts every time.  For large saltwater flies where a large amount of epoxy is used, be sure to rotate the fly until the epoxy sets (in 5-minutes) after it is applied to the fly so that the epoxy doesn't run and drip off the fly.

0.5 oz.