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  1. Strike Indicators Strike Indicators Fly Fishing strike indicators for every situation. Strike indicators for nymph fishing rivers small and large. Includes Air Lock, Thingamabobbers, quick release chironomid indicators, Palsa, foam, yarn, and stick-on indicators. Read more Fly fishing strike indicators are an important accessory for fly fishing in both rivers and lakes. Strike indicators are placed on the leader above the fly and float on the surface to help anglers detect when a fish grabs the fly. There ar...
  2. Bass & Panfish Flies Bass & Panfish Flies Bass and panfish flies including poppers and sub-surface flies. Fly fishing for bass and panfish is as fun as it gets and highly productive. Bass flies for largemouth and smallmouth including crayfish, leeches and balanced leeches, streamers, mouse patterns and more. Read more
  3. Leeches Leech Flies Big leeches. Little leeches. Trout leeches and salmon leeches. We've even included balanced leeches for fishing under an indicator. These leech flies are deadly in the hands of any good angler on both lakes or rivers. Read more