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Fly Tying Dubbing

Fly tying dubbing for all kinds of flies and fly tying techniques. Includes Angora Goat, Antron, Arizona Simi-Seal, ICE Dub, Senyo's Laser Dubbing, SLF, Superfine Dubbing, Scud Dub, rabbit dubbing, dubbing dispensers, Lite Brite and more. Including photos of all colors.

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Dubbing is one of the key products for tying all kinds of flies. Fly tying dubbing is used for nymphs, dry flies, streamers, steelhead and salmon flies, bonefish, and just about everything else. That said, however, there are numerous kinds of fly tying dubbings and each has its own attributes. With natural dubbing, synthetic dubbing, and mixtures of the two, the variations now available are endless.

Here is an overview of some of our most popular fly tying dubbing products.

Angora Goat Dubbing – A natural dubbing with long, coarse fibers, Angora Goat dubbing is commonly used for larger fly patterns like steelhead and salmon flies and leech-style streamers. Because of the coarse, long characteristics of Angora Goat, it is hard to dub onto thread like you would do for a small nymph or dry fly. Angora Goat dubbing is usually incorporated into a dubbing loop so that the long fibers flow back such as on a leech pattern… or it is used to create volume such as in a larger steelhead or salmon pattern. Steelhead fly tiers love Angora Goat for the sheen it produces, which makes it a common substitute for seal fur.

Antron Sparkle Dubbing – Antron Sparkle Dubbing is a synthetic dubbing which is fine in texture. It could be the best all-purpose dubbing because it works well on dry flies (doesn’t immediately soak up water) and also works well on nymphs. Antron has a somewhat translucent appearance and, when teased out, it does a good job of capturing little air bubbles for a lifelike characteristic. For this reason, Antron Sparkle Dubbing is a favorite for caddis pupa patterns. Since the fibers are fine and short, it isn’t good for volume or long, shaggy bodies like the Angora Goat.

Arizona Simi-Seal Dubbing – Arizona Simi-Seal Dubbing is our most popular dubbing for tying leech patterns. It has long and fairly coarse fibers like Angora Goat but it is slightly softer and incorporates a bit of flashy synthetic material mixed in. It comes in a ton of colors so tiers can easily create that perfect color. Although not as popular, it is also fantastic on steelhead flies and larger nymphs when used on a dubbing loop which is wound tight.

Lite-Brite Dubbing – A long fiber, very flashy, full synthetic dubbing, Lite-Brite Dubbing is great when a very flashy dubbing is needed or when it is mixed together with other dubbings. Lite-Brite fibers are long and straight enough to also be used to add a bit of flash to streamers, saltwater, or steelhead flies. Our staff uses Lite-Brite all the time for a variety of uses in fresh and saltwater.

ICE Dub – ICE Dub is one of the most popular dubbings on the market. ICE Dub is all synthetic and is very flashy. It can be used by itself or mixed with other dubbings. ICE Dub has long fibers, but they are not very straight and very soft. This makes ICE Dub very versatile for both large and small flies. Use it on a bonefish fly or dub it tight to your thread for tiny bodies on a size 20 BWO nymph.

Life Cycle Dubbing – A mixture of natural and synthetic fibers, Life Cycle Dubbing was made for dubbing nymphs. The different textures in the dubbing create a very “buggy” appeal and it comes in great colors for just about any trout nymph. With sinking properties, a slight sheen, and a buggy texture, what more could you ask for when tying the perfect nymphs?

Natural Fur Dubbing – The old, classic fly patterns generally call for natural fur dubbings. Natural Fur is pretty much shaved off the hide and put in a bag. Tying an Adams and looking for Muskrat? Or tying the Hare’s Ear and don’t want to buy a whole Hare’s Mask? Look no further.

Rabbit Dubbing – 100% natural rabbit dubbing is a great all-purpose dubbing for smaller flies intended to be fished below the surface. It quickly absorbs water so it isn’t the best for dry flies, but the fine rabbit fur fibers move and undulate in the water and make nymphs and wet flies look great.

Scud Dub – Scud Dub dubbing is a coarse fiber dubbing that is specifically designed for tying scud or sow bug patterns. Dub some on a hook, put a Scud Back shellback over the top, and pick out the dubbing for the perfect leggy look. Available in great scud colors and in rainbow colors that are popular on scud and Czech nymph patterns.

Senyo Laser Dub – Senyo’s Laser Dub has gotten super popular. It is easy to dub with soft fibers which are .75 to 1 inch in length. It also has a touch of flash mixed in and has been popular for everything from streamers to nymphs to steelhead flies. Even though the material is very soft and thin, the fibers are long enough to make some really cool small baitfish streamers.

SLF Bug Dub – A mixture of rabbit fur, SLF Dubbing and Prism fibers makes SLF Bug Dub and cool dubbing that reflects light in various colors. It is best for subsurface flies and is ideal for nymphs, wet flies, scuds, and small streamer bodies. The SLF Dubbing adds a bit of volume while the rabbit fur makes it fine for small, tight bodies on nymphs as well.

SLF Standard Dubbing – SLF Standard Dubbing is a full synthetic dubbing that is very popular for steelhead and salmon flies, leeches and streamers. It is a common seal substitute due to its translucent qualities and sheen. Its long fibers and medium coarse texture make SLF Standard Dubbing perfect for dubbing loops and it looks fantastic when mixed with a bit of Lite-Brite or ICE Dub for extra flash and pop.

Super Fine Dubbing – Super Fine Dubbing is treated to be water repellent so it is ideal on dry flies. It is also a very fine fiber material so it can be dubbed on the thread very tight for minimal water absorption. Highly recommended for all dry flies and especially very small dries since just a tiny bit can be dubbed onto the thread very easily.