Fly fishing wading staffs, wading belts, neoprene socks and other wading accessories.

Wading Staffs, Belts & Accessories

Wading staffs and wading accessories including Simms wading staffs, neoprene booties, wading belts, wader odor treatment, Simms wader chest pouches, and even the Simms Wader Koozy for keeping a cold one attached to your belt while you are fishing.

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Wading is a big part of fly fishing for most of us. Whether we are wading a trout stream, plying the big rivers for winter steelhead, or wading a pristine flat on Christmas Island, your wading equipment is a frequently used part of our sport. Along with waders and wading boots, there are also many other wading accessories which are often necessary or just useful. Some of these items include wading belts, gravel guards, and wading staffs. Our Wading Staffs, Belts & Accessories page includes many of the common wading accessories which just may come in handy on your next fly fishing day on the water.

Wading Staffs – No matter how young, fit, or agile an angler may be, a wading staff can be a nice accessory to have. Some rivers are simply notorious for difficult wading – and we all have our own personal list of the worst wading rivers we’ve ever fished. A good wading staff should be collapsible, reasonably lightweight, strong, and have a thin shaft so that it cuts through the water. Most anglers using a wading staff also prefer to have a spring-loaded retractor as well. The retractor keeps the staff close by when you drop it to make your next cast.

Wading Belts – Just about all waders come with a wading belt these days. The wading belt must be, however, at the top of the “Most Frequently Lost” list of fly fishing equipment so we have you covered with a few good options if you lose yours.

Gravel Guards and Neoprene Socks – Gravel guards are built-in to most waders these days... but not all of them.  A pair of gravel guards will keep pebbles from washing into your wading boots while wading. Gravel guards come by themselves or as part of a neoprene sock. Those with a neoprene sock are designed to be worn while wet wading without your waders. They take the place of the neoprene stocking feet on your waders so that your wading boots fit the same when wet wading and not wearing your waders. These items are very popular during the summer months when just wading in a pair of shorts sounds like the way to go.

Other Wading Accessories – Some other wading accessories include a wading belt designed to carry a net, a neoprene Koozy for holding your cold beverage on your wading belt while fishing, pocket inserts for the inside of your Simms waders, a waterproof smartphone holder, and even an anti-odor treatment for treating the inside of your waders.