Fly fishing magnification, lights, magnifiers, flip down.

Lights, Magnifiers & Optical Aids

Fishing magnifiers and lights help anglers tie knots and tie flies on when the light is low and the fish are rising. These fly fishing magnification, lights and tying aids may just save the day when the fish are eating tiny bugs and vision is an issue. Products like Flip Focals, headlights, and fly threaders are easy to keep in a pocket for the evening hatch.

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There are three main types of tools in our Lights, Magnifiers and Optical Aids collection of fly fishing products. The first type of products are headlights that attach to your hat or on a headband. These lights may be necessary for tying flies and tying knots during the early morning or evening hours. They can also be mandatory equipment for finding your way to the river or back to camp in hours of darkness. A small light of some kind is always a good idea to have on hand when hiking along the river or in the woods when fishing. You never know when the fishing will get so good that you stay later than you planned!

The second type of products in our Lights, Magnification and Opitcal Aids collection of fly fishing products is magnifiers. We have two magnifiers for attaching either to your hat or to your existing glasses (or sunglasses). Both magnifiers do a terrific job to aid with tying knots and tying on small flies. I personally prefer the Flip Focal because I’m always wearing a baseball type cap and I hardly notice it’s there when it is flipped up and not in use. The 2.25x magnification makes a big difference even when fishing tiny midge pupa or itsy bitsy Tricos.

The third category of products are great for fly fishing anglers that have trouble threading the fly onto the tippet. Fly threading tools work very well after you spend a couple minutes getting used to them. Threaders feature a magnet which holds the eye of the hook next to a small funnel. The magnet angles the fly so that the angler can simply thread the tippet into the funnel and it automatically feeds right through the eye of the hook. You still have to tie the knot, but threaders can make quick work of getting the fly onto the tippet/leader.

When fish are eating little bugs, the successful angler will fish with little bugs. These tools make it easy for any angler to stay in the game even if your vision isn’t what it used to be!