fly tying synthetic flash, streamer, and wing materials. angel hair, baifish emulator, deadly dazzle, ep fibers, flashabou, krystal flash,

Fly Tying Synthetics - Flash & Streamer

Our Synthetic Flash & Streamer section offers popular fly tying materials such as Flashabou, Krystal Flash, Extra Select Craft Fur, EP Fibers and brushes, Lateral Scale, Angel Hair, Lite-Brite, Kreelex, Senyo's Predator Wrap, Steve Farrar Blends and brushes, Deadly Dazzle and many more.

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Synthetic Fly Tying Materials - Flash and Streamer
Angel Hair is a long wispy flash material that can be cut of the hank and tied in as an over wing, or as belly flash, it can be spun in a dubbing loop, dubbed onto the thread, or tied in along the shank in many baitfish patterns, trout, salmon, steelhead, pike, musky flies ect. Baitfish Emulator Flash is a great synthetic material that has many uses. It comes on a braid, but many tiers cut the material off the braid to get the appropriate length. It is often tied in flat along the shank for many baitfish patterns, but steelhead anglers have found uses for it as well. Emulator Flash adds a unique look to your dubbing loops or composite loops when you want a little extra flash. Deadly Dazzle is a long fiber that comes on a hank so you can cut it for small flies, and it is plenty long enough for big patterns as well. It has just the right amount of flash in it, sheds water well, and is great for baitfish and streamer flies. Senyo Chromatic EP 3” Brushes are made up of fox hair, Finn raccoon, EP silky fibers and and touch of flash. It comes on a wire that easy to wrap and make quick flies or shoulders that look great. It can also be cut off the wire and spun in a dubbing loop, or tied in as a tail, overwing, or throat. With six brushes per package, they are a great value as well! EP Fibers is a fantastic material snook, tarpon, permit flies, and baitfish patterns of any kind. It is a long fiber and is available in a lot of great colors, bright and natural tones. Extra Select Craft Fur is a longer fuller fiber than regular craft fur. It is a great value a less expensive option to Finn Raccoon. Commonly used for bonefish flies and many other saltwater patterns. Trout and steelhead tiers will find great uses for extra select craft fur as well. Faux Bucktail is a synthetic alternative to natural bucktail. Easier to use than traditional bucktail and is a durable option for baitfish and clouser patterns. Fish scale adds a realistic look to baitfish patterns, and can really spice up your flies when mixed with other materials. Fishhair is a great material for tying very sparse slim profile baitfish patterns. Freshwater and saltwater tiers will find use in this great synthetic material. Flash Back is an excellent material for creating shell backs on scuds and wing cases on nymphs. Flash Blend baitfish brushes are 2 inches wide, consisting of Steve Farrar’s blend and makes tying baitfish flies very quick and easy. Flashabou has great movement in the water and can be tied in as an over wing, down the flanks like lateral lines, wrapped around the shank for bodies on intruders, and is commonly used amongst trout, salmon, steelhead and saltwater tiers. Glow in the dark Flashabou glows in the dark so it is really good for flies that will be fished extremely deep, like Lingcod flies. Mirage Flashabou mirror like finish that has lots of reflective qualities. It is popular for saltwater flies, but finds it’s way into trout, salmon and steelhead flies too. Saltwater Flashabou is wider than standard Flashabou and is ideal for large saltwater flies and big streamers. Speckled Flashabou adds a nice mottled affect to your flies, and comes in some more subtle subdued tones. Fluoro Fiber is a very thin limp fiber that looks really good in baitfish flies, and is often used for a bright tail material. Grizzly Barred Flashabou has beautiful barring that really makes your flies stand out. Available in some great colors to match the theme of any fly. Holographic Flashabou really lights up in the water. Each strand of Holographic Flashabou has subtle hues that illuminate any fly. Great for all sorts of flies. Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe is like Ice Dub but much longer, and is easy to use. Simply cutoff a working section and tie it straight onto the hook for great looking easy to tie baitfish patterns. Krinkle Mirror Flash is one of the brightest flash materials on the market. Just a couples strands will really light up your fly and cast light a long way through the water column. Excellent for stremers, baitfish, salmon and steelhead flies. Krystal Flash is one of the most diverse flash materials ever made. It comes in some great colors for literally any fly you could imagine. From bonefish to steelhead, krystal flash does it all. UV Krystal Flash is the same as the standard Krystal flash except for it has UV properties to it. The UV will really light up the flash when it’s in natural light. Lateral Scale is available in two sizes. The smaller scale being good for small baitfish flies, and the larger scale being better for big baitfish flies and large streamers. It adds a realistic scale effect to flies, and can also be wrapped for a unique body material. Lite Brite can be used alone as dubbing or mixed into your favorite dubbing to add a little extra flash, and can also be added to a dubbing loop/composite loop for extra flash that doesn’t add bulk. It can also be used as an under wing or over wing on intruders and marabou flies of the like. Also a great belly flash material. Many uses, and many great colors. MFC Sparkle Minnow Brushes are great for making quick minnow patterns that are very flashy. Just palmer the brush and trim it for the desired shape. Midge Flash is the same as Krystal Flash but much finer. It moves good in the water and is much more suited to smaller flies. It can really light up a traditional hairwing fly too. Minnow Body Wrap is used by wrapping it along the hook and then trimming it for the desired look and shape, which creates a very dense baitfish. Opal Mirage sheets make cool underbodies on chironomids and comes as a sheet so you can cut it into any shape you need. It doesn’t have to stop with chironomids though, this material can be used in many flies. Polar Flash is a great material that looks really good in baitfish flies, and is just stiff enough that it can be added into a shoulder of a fly or a hackle prop, to create a more stout and flashy shoulder. Pro Sportfisher Jungle cock Generation 3 looks great and is a cheap, much more readily available substitute for real jungle cock. Tie it in the back station of an intruder for a squid look, or tie it in the front of the fly, for an eye that the fish will really lock into. Also a good affordable option for steelhead and Atlantic salmon Spey and Dee flies. Pseudo Hackle is a synthetic hackle fiber that is bound to a braid on both ends, so you can easily cut it to the right length for your fly and allows you to easily taper your hackle. Pseudo Hackle is also very durable compared to feathers. Purple Haze Holo Flash fibers is a long fiber much like flashabou except for it is stiffer than flashabou and is really good bodies on nymphs, especially for Euro style nymphs and can even be used for a flashy body on dry flies. Sculpting flash fiber is great for crab patterns and medium to large baitfish patterns. Build bulky bodies with this material and then trim and sculpt it into the shape you want. As the name suggests it has just a touch of flash in it. Predator Wrap comes on a braid and is a long fiber, but it can be trimmed to the desired length and palmered or cutoff the braid and tied in as a wing, body material or a tail, and it can also be spun in a dubbing loop by itself or mixed with other materials to create a composite loop. Slinky Fibre is a crinkled material that makes great baitfish flies, is more durable than bucktail and it sheds water very well, so it makes casting really large flies easier. Steve Farrar Blend makes really realistic looking baitfish patterns. It is a blend of synthetic materials, that comes in some great colors that have hints of contrasting color in them, which really makes baitfish flies look like they are real. Super Hair is a slightly wavy material, that is a great synthetic substitute for bucktail and it is very durable, and will hold up for a long time. UV Minnow Belly is great by itself or blended with other materials to create stunning bellies on baitfish patterns.