Fly fishing line cleaners and line dressings

Line Cleaners & Dressings

Fly fishing line cleaning products and line dressings to keep your fly fishing lines fishing like new. Keep your floating lines floating higher, your sinking lines sinking faster, and all your lines casting better. Line cleaning and dressing products from RIO, Umpqua, Tiemco, Scientific Anglers, and Loon.

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Cleaning and dressing your fly fishing lines keeps them fishing, casting and floating like new for as long as possible. Line cleaners remove dirt and add protective and lubricating agents to the line to make them float high, keep from cracking, and slide through the rod guides with minimal friction. Most cleaners are designed for floating lines and include hydrophobic agents to repel water and help the line float as high as possible. Because of this, most fly line cleaners should not be used on sinking lines because they will deter the line from sinking. Many anglers have learned this the hard way and spent their next day on the lake with their sinking line floating on the surface! For cleaning and treating sinking lines, look for cleaners and/or dressings that say they are okay for use on sinking lines.

Some products are also listed specifically as line dressings. Usually if a product is labeled as a dressing it’s main benefit is adding a hard, slick coating to the outside of the fly line. This hard coating makes the fly line slide through rod guides with minimal friction and makes casting much easier, especially when incorporating the Double Haul. Like cleaners, line dressings may or may not be advisable for sinking lines. In our descriptions of each product on the website, most descriptions will mention if the product is okay to use on sinking lines or not. Any cleaner or dressing that lists increased floatation as one of the benefits of usage, probably isn’t good for using on a sinking line.

For sinking lines or sink-tips, we highly recommend Loon’s Sink Fast. Sink Fast will make most sinking lines actually sink faster and is a great product to keep on hand for treating new sinking lines and sink-tips. Newly purchased sinking lines or sink-tips often have trouble sinking on that first day or two on the water. This probably has something to do with the extrusion process of making the fly line, but a quick run through a soft cloth loaded with Loon Sink Fast and that problem is eliminated.