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Fly Tying Marabou

The best fly tying marabou on the market. Including our popular Select Spey large blood quill marabou loved by steelhead tiers, Wooly Bugger specific marabou, barred grizzly marabou, and Whiting Super 'Bou. All available in tons of popular colors with photos of all colors.

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Marabou is the under feather on a turkey. Marabou is a very popular fly tying material used in just about every category of fly patterns. Uses of marabou include tails on woolly buggers, wrapped for steelhead flies, wings on tarpon flies and small gills on trout flies. The possibilities are endless and marabou is one of the staple materials of fly tying.

Traditional strung blood quill marabou is the industry standard. Hareline Dubbing does a great job with their Strung Marabou. This marabou is very versatile and is available in lots of colors to choose from.

For tiers wanting marabou with extra length and of the highest quality (especially steelhead anglers), check out the Fish Hunter Select Spey Marabou from Natures Spirit. This Select Spey Marabou really is about the best marabou you'll find for steelhead and salmon patterns.

One of the coolest marabou products to come out in years is Whiting Farms SuperBou. This marabou is off a chicken and has a subtle barring to the coloration. SuperBou is a great marabou for tailing Wooly Bugger style flies, or for saltwater shrimp patterns, and combine a couple different colors together for a really mean looking leech pattern.

We also carry marabou specifically selected for tying Wooly Buggers. This marabou is specifically chosen for the length and fullness of the marabou feathers. Wooly Bugger Marabou is shorter and fuller than other marabou products. It is perfect for typical Wooly Bugger sizes.

For a crisp, dark, grizzly barring on your flies, take a look at MFC Mini Barred Marabou. This marabou has dyed grizzly barring on it for a very distinct appearance. MFC Mini Barred Marabou is another killer marabou choice for everything from steelhead flies, to trout streamers, to bonefish flies.

No other fly tying product beats the movement and lifelike appeal that marabou has to offer. Give us a call if we can provide more information on what marabou product is best for your fly tying needs.