Fly fishing accessories for fly lines and leaders

Fly Line & Leader Accessories

Keep your fly lines, leaders and tippet organized, handy and working for the way you fish. This collection includes fly fishing braided loop connectors, tippet gages, leader sinking agents, tippet holders, line welding tubing, leader and shooting head wallets, and more items to keep you fishing more and messing with your gear less.

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Fly fishing line and leader accessories includes numerous kinds of products to keep your fly lines and leaders working properly and organized. Popular products in this category include bags and wallets for storing sink tips, Skagit heads, and other Spey heads from both Airflo and RIO. Also included are leader wallets for keeping your fly fishing leaders in a handy and organized wallet for quick access and easy viewing.

Tippet spool holders are another popular product in this collection. Tippet spool holders from Loon, Fishpond, Umpqua and Anglers Image. Attach these holders to your pack, vest, waders, boat or waders and keep your tippet spools super handy at all times.

Spool Hands are a very popular product in this category because they are perfectly sized for taming those unruly Maxima spools. A pack or two of Spool Hands will keep you sane if you are a Maxima user… and if you are, you know what I’m talking about!

Tippet Rings have finally gained popularity and are tiny little rings that are usually used for connecting fluorocarbon tippet to nylon monofilament leaders. Tippet rings are perfect for this and are very popular in our area, especially with chironomid anglers where fluorocarbon tippet is often used in very long lengths to achieve the desired depth in lakes. Tippet Rings make this easier and quicker. Swivels are also common among the chironomid angler and we have those here as well.

RIO Level T Welding Tubing is a unique product in our Line and Leader Accessories category. RIO Level T Welding Tubing is basically heat shrink tubing that is used to melt fly lines together to make loops. Be careful, though. Only fly lines with heat resistant cores will allow you to heat weld with them. Others will weaken or break from exposure to heat.

Other fly fishing line and leader accessories in this category include braided loop connectors for quickly adding loops to a fly line. Also, glue that is great for line repairs and projects. Products for sinking leaders or making sinking lines sink faster. Also, Loon’s Stanley’s Ice Off Paste for reducing ice on your fly line and rod guides during really cold weather.