Scientific Anglers Regulator Spool

Scientific Anglers


The Scientific Anglers Regulator Spools are the best, easiest to use, most genius line winders we've ever seen! The Regulator Spool makes taking a fly line off a reel super easy, as well as using it to spool up a reel. The Regulator Spool also allows you coil up spare fly lines for easy manageable storage.

Watch the Video below to see how to use the Regulator Spool line winder!

Here is what Scientific Anglers has to say about their Regulator Spool:

Switching out fly lines off your favorite fly reel just got a lot less complicated. Whether you’re a traveling angler or just can’t make it into your local fly shop the Regulator Line Winder will be exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Create and dispense coils of fly line
  • Only one Regulator Spool is needed for managing all of your lines