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Fly Tying Necks, Saddles & Skins

Necks, saddles, capes, and skins for fly tying including guinea skins, golden pheasant skins, Whiting dry fly capes, ringneck pheasant skins and rump sections, Whiting Bugger Packs, dyed grizzly capes, Hungarian partridge skins, and rooster and hen saddles.

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Fly Tying necks saddles and skins. From dry flies to small nymphs, wooly buggers to large streamers, to Spey flies and everything in between. There are many uses for necks, saddles and skins, and often you’ll find many different uses for one cape, saddle, or full skin.  Quality capes, skins, and saddles like, Golden Pheasant, Guinea, Hungarian Partridge, Lady Amherst, Mallard, Ringneck Pheasant, Starling skins, and dry fly capes can be hard to find at times but are essential to a serious fly tyer’s bench.

Golden Pheasant skins have many great uses and are some of the most classic feathers used in the world of fly tying. The large tippet feathers can be used as a carapace wing such as on the classic steelhead pattern the General Practitioner but also make a unique hackle as well. The smaller tippet feathers can be used as a stand alone tail on a Spey fly or as a beautiful topping to a Golden Pheasant Crest feather tail commonly used on classic Spey and Dee style flies. The large rump feathers make beautiful Spey hackle and collars on Spey flies, and the smaller rump feathers make great collars and hackles for trout flies.

Grizzly Hen Patches have many uses. For wings on Matuka style streamers, claws on crayfish patterns, pectoral fins on sculpins, and many more.

High Quality Guinea is getting hard to find so having a full skin is a great way to go. Guinea can be used for collars on steelhead flies, hackles like on the Hobo Spey, shoulders for intruder style flies and even on large nymphs.

Hungarian Partridge is a very commonly used material for fly tying. It is mostly used for tying soft hackle flies and general wet fly patterns. The full skins have a good array of feather sizes. The feathers are mostly brown and tan and have natural mottling.

Hen saddle Patches in a variety of colors are great for wet fly collars, dry fly wings, pectoral fins on sculpins.

Lady Amherst heads are great for the fly tyer who is looking for a large range of feather sizes. Lady Amherst has many uses and is commonly used on Atlantic Salmon flies for tails, wings, and cheeks. It can be used as spey hackle on classic steelhead patterns, and also has many uses for classic trout patterns.

Ringneck Phesant Rump has many wonderful uses. It can be used alone or in conjunction with Golden Phesant Tippets to create a beautiful wing/carapice on prawn flies, such as the classic General Practitioner. It is also commonly used as collars on trout flies, like the Six Pack. The Longer feathers at the top of the patch can be used for spey hackle or collars on classic steelhead flies.

Ringneck Phesant skins are great for nymphs, wet flies, soft hackles, and even smaller spey flies. The possibilities are endless.

Whiting Brahma Hen Saddles are a great subsitute for Hungarian Partridge, and can be used for collars on nymphs and soft hackle flies as well as wings on dry flies.

Whiting Bugger Pack feathers are a great value and come in many great colors including some great colors in dyed grizzly, and will last a long time allowing you to get lots of flies out of one pack. Their best use is for palmered body hackles like on a wooley bugger, but the creative tyer will definitely find many more uses with these great feathers.

The Whiting Dry Fly Hackle is the premium feather for dry fly tying. We carry them in five beautiful colors, as well as natural grizzly. They have long supple quills and incredible barb density capable of tying down to size 26 and even smaller.

Whiting Dry Fly Saddles are premium rooster saddle feathers ranging from 10 to 14 inches long. They best fit dry flies from size 10 to 18, and are a great value. Each saddle is gradded and have enough feathers to do hundreds and hundreds of flies. Available in a Beautiful brown and grizzly.

Whiting High & Dry Hackle Capes are a more affordable cape from Whiting. they are perfect for medium to large sized dry flies, and make great wing material for steelhead flies, and come in many great color options.

The Whiting Introductory Hackle Pack has four of the most popular colors for tying dry flies and will last most tiers years and years.  They are a tremendous value!

Whiting Spey Hackle is a great subsitute for Blue Eared Phesant and Heron. You get a ton of feathers on a cape and they are available in lots of great colors. The feathers range in size and can produce beautiful results.