Fly rod and reel accessories

Fly Rod & Reel Accessories

Accessory items for fly fishing rods and reels including rod and reel cases, rod tubes and socks, rod transportation mounts for the car, rod ferrule wax, and fly rod travel luggage. Products from Simms, Loon, Fishpond, etc

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Fly fishing accessories for fly rods and reels to keep your fly rods and reels working properly, safely stored and transported, and even practice fly rods for indoor use. Accessories for your fly fishing rods and reels include products in the following categories:

Fly Rod and Reel Maintenance – Keeping your valuable fly rods and reels working properly and in good condition is pretty easy beyond keeping them clean and washed off after saltwater use. Thoroughly rinsing your rods and reels after saltwater use cannot be emphasized enough. In time, saltwater will damage even the highest quality reels and rods. Wash them off and then make sure they are 100% dry before storing them back in their rod tubes or cases. Rods put in their rod tubes while still wet can lead to rust, mildew and even bubbling of the rod finish. Simply make sure they are completely dry before storage and this problem can be eliminated. For reels, one additional step would be to occasionally add a touch of reel grease. Generally, you only want to use a tiny amount of grease as too much can make some reels not perform correctly. As for your fly rods, a touch of ferrule wax is often a good idea, especially if you have a rod with problems of the rod sections coming apart while casting. This is a common problem with Spey and switch rods due to the twisting motion of Spey casts and a small amount of ferrule wax can be all it takes to get rid of the problem.

Fly Rod and Reel Storage – Most fly rod and reel damage doesn’t happen from fighting fish or the screaming run of a giant fish. Most broken rods and reels happen when we are transporting them or stringing-up the rod in preparation of fishing. Having helped thousands of customers with broken rods over many years, we’ve heard some pretty amazing stories. My favorite is the vacuum cleaner version… which I have heard THREE TIMES now! This is scenario happens when you leave your favorite fly rod strung-up in the corner of your house and your spouse comes along with the vacuum cleaner a few days later. The vacuum sucks up the leader until the whole rod tip ends up in the vacuum! Three times I’ve heard of this happening! A more common scenario on broken rods is the car door. While on the stream, many anglers lean their rod against the car. A gust of wind comes along and blows the rod over just as it blows the car door shut! Hope you brought a back-up rod. The very popular Magnetic Rod Guard is very helpful for this scenario.

Rod and Reel Cases – When transporting rods and reels, some type of case is a very nice thing to have. Your rod may have come with a rod tube and your reel probably came with some kind of bag or case. As you acquire multiple rods and reels, sometimes rod tubes become cumbersome so a protective case which holds several rods and reels becomes more convenient. For traveling by airplane, this is certainly the way to go.

Rod Racks for the Car – If you like to hit a few different spots on your favorite river during the day, you know how inconvenient it can be breaking your rod down and finding a way to store them safely as you bounce down the river from one spot to another. If this sounds like you, consider a rod rack for your car or truck where you mount the rack to the outside of your vehicle. Tight Lines Rod Racks securely hold your rods to the hood of your car or truck for quick transportation of your rods without breaking them down.

Other great fly rod and reel accessories include aluminum rod tubes and rod socks (or rod bags), reel seat cushions to protect the butt of your rods, neoprene reel cases, and practice rods for indoor casting. Practice rods are great tools for tuning up your cast and they are very handy for teaching new casters how to develop tight loops. A few minutes a day will make a dramatic difference in your casting. Perfect for long conference calls at your home office!

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