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Fly Tying Synthetics - Bodies, Wings & Legs

Our Synthetic Body, Wing & Leg category includes lots of rubber and silicone legs, foam sheets, popper heads, and foam cylinders for fly tying. Also included is wing materials, parachute post materials, D-rib, body wrapping braids, and even Boobie Eyes... yes, Boobie Eyes.

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Fly Tying Synthetic Materials- Bodies, Wings,and Legs
Adhesive furry foam is a great material to use to create shell on crab patterns. Adult damsel body material is used for making very realistic adult damsel dry flies. Barred Sili legs are a soft rubber leg that moves really good in the water and has great barring and is specked with glitter. Boobie Eyes keep your flies off the bottom on sinking lines and are a favorite of lake anglers. Available in two colors and sizes. Chicone’s Barred Crusher legs available in the standard size as well as micro. Great colored barring, good for saltwater and freshwater flies. Crazy legs are two toned rubber leg available in many great color combinations. D-Rib material is great to rib large stonefly patterns, and can make a unique looking body on mayfly nymphs and midge patterns. Darlon can be used for wing material as well as trailing shucks on dry flies. Mini Dragon Tails are an awesome new product to hit the market. They make tying large bass, pike and musky flies with a ton of life like movement very easy. E-Z Body is a great material to use for an easy but realistic body on baitfish patterns. Edge Bright is a cool material that can really brighten up your flies, especially if you are tying flies specifically for low light conditions. Egg Veil is used to give your egg patterns a realistic milking skein appearance. Embossed Flashback Pearl material is great for flashback shells on nymphs and scuds. Flashabou tubing is an easy way to make a quick flashy body on Zonker’s and Matuka style streamers. Pearl Flashabou tubing is great on saltwater and popper flies. Flat Diamond Braid is a wonderful material for wrapping bodies on flies of all sorts! 6mm Fly Foam is perfect for large poppers, hoppers, skaters, dry flies ect. Foam Blocks can be used to shape foam into anything you would like, and give the tier the chance to get creative. Foam Cylinders are used for anything and everything on dry flies. From tiny ant patterns to large hoppers. Available in 5 different sizes and lots of colors. Frostbite is commonly unraveled and used on midge bodies, but can be used as dry fly or nymph bodies as well. Holographic Mylar cord is a perfect body material on trout and salmon fry as well as smolt patterns. Loco Legs are really good for Bonefish flies due to the colors they come in, but they can be used in many fresh and saltwater patterns. Mayfly Tail are a synthetic option for tying in durable tails on mayflies. Mcflyfoam is used to tie egg patterns and yarnies. Mcflyfoam clown packages come with multiple colors of yarn, so you can either tie different colors of egg patterns or multi colored egg patterns and yarnies. Mcflylon adds flotation to dry fly wings, and is used solely for the wing on chubby chernobyls. Medium MFC centipede legs are used to add buggy appearance to dry flies and nymphs. Mini MFC centipede legs are great for really small nymphs and dry flies. MFC Etha-Wing material is used for for wings on dry flies, it is about one millimeter thick and comes in sheets so you can customize the look of your dry fly wings, it also adds flotation to your dry flies. MFC Flex Wing comes with three 2.75” x 2.75” sheets for dry fly wings and is a very durable material that won’t fray. MFC Lucent Wing material is good for smaller dry fly wings like mayflies and caddis flies. MFC Rubber Hackle is basically a dubbing brush made up of micro sili legs. It can be used to create palmered bodies with lots of movement or as a buggy shoulder/prop material. MFC wing material is a more supple option wing material. Midge Diamond braid can be used on streamers, nymphs, and chironomids for body material and can be braided together to make a two tone affect. Midge tubing is great for chironomids, pupae, and midge patterns. Mini Flat braid is good for body material on smaller streamers, or intruders, and can be used as a tag on traditional flies. Hot glue guns are used to create heads on large baitfish flies, secure eyes, and even make egg patterns, with the colored glue sticks. Minnow body wrap is for wrapping along the shank of a hook and then trimming it to get the desired shape. Good for baitfish, and game changer type flies. Opal Mirage sheets make great material for underbodies on chironomids, but can be used in many different ways if you get creative. No Fray wing material is perfect for stonefly, hopper and mayfly wings. Para Post wing material is water repellent stiff and comes in some great bright colors for easy to see posts on dry flies. Pearl Core braid is a thin pearl braid with a dyed core. Pearlescent Sheets are good for scud backs, or for wrapping thin bodies. Rainy’s High Vis Ant bodies make tying small ant patterns very easy. Razor foam is good for small midge and mayfly patterns. Fine round rubber legs are used on small dry flies and small nymphs. Medium round rubber legs are used on larger nymphs and dry flies like stoneflies. Satwater foam popper bodies make creating a high floating poppers much more easier than traditional methods like spinning deer hair. Senyo’s Fusion Foil legs are an awesome, very shiny rubber leg that can be used anytime you want to add rubber legs to your pattern. Sparkle Organza is the perfect material for wings on mayfly spinners and can be used as a under wing on stonefly nymphs. Squirmy Wormies make tying super affective worm patterns very easy. Available in six great colors. Super floss is commonly used for legs on stonefly nymphs and dries, but it can also be used as body material on midge and chironomid flies. Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper Bodies are dual purpose. They are used to tie unique looking poppers, and can be tied in reverse to create sliders or surface baitfish flies. Swiss Straw is a synthetic material with many uses, but the main use is for making wings on Caddis, Damsel, mayflies and so on. Synthetic Tapered Peacock Quills are used to make bodies on nymphs, dry flies, chironomids, and soft hackles. Synthetic Tapered Peacock Quills offer a durable segmented body that looks great. TCS Popper bodies are used for bass and panfish poppers, they come in two colors and three different sizes. TCS Popper bodies are easy to paint or color with permanent ink markers. 2mm Thin Fly Foam has endless possibilities for dry flies. Cut it into the shape you want, for everything from steelhead skaters, to hi-vis posts, to Chubby Chernobyl’s, to hoppers. Available in lots of colors. Thin Skin is used for over bodies and wing cases on nymphs and can be good for wings on stoneflies and hoppers as well. Veevus Body Quill comes on a spool and is great for making shiny bodies on dry flies that won’t absorb water, as well as a rib over dubbed bodies, and can even be used as a tag on steelhead and salmon flies. Vinyl Rib is D shaped to give a realistic appearance, and can be used for body material on chironomids and is commonly used as ribbing on stonefly nymphs. Web Wing comes in sheets and can be cut into the desired shape for dry flies. Web Wing is very durable and doesn’t fray like other materials. Wings and Things makes great looking over bodies, wing cases and wings. Zonker Lead Tape is used to create body underneath tubing on zonker style flies and can be used to add weight to reels and rods. Aluminum Zonker tape is used to create bodies on Zonker style flies with less weight than lead. Zudbubbler Popper Bodies add erratic action to popper flies.