Fly fishing knot tying tools

Knot Tying Tools

Nobody likes to spend unnecessary time tying knots while fly fishing, especially when the fishing is hot. These knot tying tools may just be the ticket to help tie knots fast and stronger. Knot tying tools include tools for threading the tippet through the eye of the fly, for holding the fly while tying the knot, for tying Nail Knots, for gluing knots, and even a little guide for if you forget what knot goes where.

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Fly threading tools help the fly fishing angler to get that pesky tippet to go through the eye of the hook. Especially as we get older, those late evenings can really be difficult to thread the fly on the leader. These fly threader tools have little magnets that hold the eye of the hook perfectly in position so that you can feed the tippet through a little funnel down through the eye of the hook. Talk about a time saver when your hands are cold and shaking and fish are jumping everywhere!

Perhaps the most popular knot tying tool of them all is the Nail Knot tool. Nail Knots are used to tie the butt of the leader to the end of the fly line. We offer several styles of Nail Knot tools and they all work great. The best one is generally the one you spend the most time with, but our favorite is the Loon Nail Knotter. We use it about 17,000 times a day here in the shop.

Glue is another common knot tool. Pliobond is the old-school glue of choice for securing and smoothening knots on the line, backing and leader. It takes a few hours to dry but is very durable, flexible, and waterproof. The new, hip kids are using UV curing glues like UV Knot Sense for the same kinds of applications with out the need to wait for the glue to dry. Just hit the glue with Loon’s UV Mini Lamp or just go outside on a sunny day to cure the glue.

If you don’t get to fish as much as you want it can be hard to remember all those knots. Don’t sweat it with the Ultimate Knot Guide. This little waterproof knot guide has directions and illustrations for 10 of the most common knots in fly fishing. It’s small and light and doesn’t take any room in your pocket so it’s easy to keep handy just in case.

Having problems seeing those little flies to even begin to tie a knot? Don’t forget to check out our Lights, Magnifiers & Optical Aids to keep you in the game when those size 24 Tricos are hatching.