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Fly Tying Beads, Cones & Eyes

Fly tying beads, cones and eyes includes all kinds of fly tying beads in brass, lead and tungsten and including slotted beads. Plus tape eyes, doll eyes, 3-D dome eyes, lead eyes, brass eyes, shrimp and crab eyes, plastic eyes and more. Don't forget coneheads, tube fly cones, and much more.

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Fly tying beads have gotten more and more popular over the last few decades. The same holds true for coneheads on streamers and, of course, eyes on baitfish patterns. Fly tying beads, cone heads and all the various kinds of fly tying eyes come in and endless array of styles and colors these days. Hopefully, we have the fly tying beads, coneheads and eyes you need.

Here is an overview of the different fly tying beads, eyes, coneheads and other products we offer… including lead, tungsten, mono, plastic, stainless steel, and other varieties of bead heads, cone heads, and fly tying eyes included in our catalog.

Fly Tying Bead Heads – Offered in brass and tungsten, our fly tying beads are the best available. Gold, copper, nickel, black, and black nickel finishes are offered in addition to painted white, orange, red, chartreuse, pink and even blue. Fly tying beads in miniscule sizes up to the big, 1/4-inch bead heads used on large steelhead nymphs or streamers like an Egg Sucking Leech. Bead head beads available in standard brass or tungsten.

Bead Chain Eyes – Not as popular today as in the past, but still a staple fly tying product on bonefish flies and a few old school steelhead flies. Bead chain eyes come in silver, gold, black, painted pink, chartreuse, and orange, and also available in stainless steel… which are great on saltwater bonefish flies.

Boobie Eyes – Don’t get too excited. Boobie Eyes are rounded foam eyes for fly tying. They are commonly used on dragon fly nymph patterns and designed to be fished on a sinking line so that the fly floats above weeds and the bottom of the lake.

Brass Eyes – Great for when you need some weight on the fly but lead is too heavy. Brass Eyes come in black nickel, silver nickel, or gold finishes. Bress Eyes are very commonly used on salmon and steelhead flies tied on shanks like Intruder-style flies.

Cone Heads – Is it coneheads or cone heads? We may never know. Whatever the case, cone heads are very common on trout streamers and add substantial weight. We offer cone heads in black nickel, silver nickel, gold, and in black tungsten. Also offered, are painted cone heads in pink, red, chartreuse, and orange. Oh yeah, also are cone heads for tying tube flies on tubes and X-Eyed Cones for inserting plastic eyes into the cone!

Doll Eyes – Doll Eyes are so awesome. They are great for deer hair bass poppers and also large saltwater flies. Glue them onto the fly with ZAP Goo or glue them on and then epoxy over them. The pupil rattles and moves around inside the hollow dome of the eye for a little extra sound and movement to the fly. Dig it.

Double Pupil Lead Eyes – Colorful lead eyes that are great for tying Christmas Island Special bonefish flies. The lead is heavier than the standard brass eyes on a Christmas Island Special, so either go small on the size or just know your fly will land a bit heavier than the original. These Double Pupil Lead Eyes come in fluorescent orange, chartreuse and pink. They also look great on steelhead and salmon flies.

Lead Eyes – Super common in fly tying, lead eyes are used on all kinds of fly patterns. We offer plain, unfinished lead eyes, nickel plated lead eyes, and painted lead eyes in red, white or yellow.

Flat Stick-On Eyes – Flat stick-on eyes are great for smaller baitfish patterns. An adhesive back allows the tier to stick them onto the head of the fly and then cover the head with UV resin or epoxy for a very durable, good looking fly.

Glass Beads – Glass beads can be used at the head of the fly like a bead head or incorporated into the body of the fly for some killer effects. They are lighter than a brass bead head but still add some weight to the fly.

Dome Eyes – Dome Eyes are 3D or rounded in a dome shape. They can have a very realistic appearance and generally have adhesive on the back. Stick them on to a finished fly and then apply UV resin or epoxy to keep them in place permanently.

Slotted Tungsten Beads – Slotted Tungsten Beads are used with 60-degree or 90-degree jig-style hooks to make the popular jig-style nymphs and streamers so common today. Place the slotted tungsten bead onto the hook just like using a normal bead and tie your fly up tight to the back of it. The fly will ride in the water upside down with the hook up.

Others – Wow. There are a lot of beads, cones and eyes to mention here… Some other included eyes are mono eyes, brass eyes with a built-in iris and pupil, I-Balz, solid plastic eyes commonly used on EP flies, Fish Skull Baitfish Heads, Sculpin Helmets, and Fish Masks, Insta-Jig Tungsten Bead Heads, and more. Endless fly tying possibilities!