Daiichi 4647 60-Degree Jig Hook



Daiichi 4647 hooks are a 60-degree, jig-style hook commonly used in fly tying for tying suspending leeches and jig-style nymphs.  When using the Daiichi 4647 jig hooks for nymphs, use Slotted Tungsten Beads.

Daiichi 4647 60-degree Jig Hooks

  • 15 per package.  
  • Long Shank with 60-degree bend at the eye.
  • Heavy wire.
  • Limerick Bend, Flat Eye, Black Nickel.
  • Uses: Suspended Leeches, Jig-style Nymphs and Streamers.
  • Comparable Tiemco Style:  TMC 403BLJ