Ahrex HR418 WD Bomber Hook



Ahrex HR418 WD Bomber Hooks are certainly perfect for tying Bombers.  They are also great for tying many other kinds of steelhead and salmon flies. The tapered return eye is super clean and easy to tie on. The down eye is ideal for many dry flies to promote the fly waking on the surface.  A micro barb, a fairly heavy wire, and a super sharp hook point round out this HR418 hook from Ahrex lots of tyers will be happy to find.

All Ahrex hooks feature cutting edge technologies and the best materials available for each specific hook.  All hooks are super sharp with chemically sharpened hook points and micro barbs. 

Ahrex HR 418 WD Bomber Hooks

  • Down eye
  • Tapered return loop eye
  • Wide gape
  • Heavy wire
  • Chemically sharpened with small barb
  • Uses: Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon, Sea-run browns. Perfect hook for tying Bombers