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Where to Go Fly Fishing in Washington in the Month of July

Skykomish River Summer SteelheadHere is your July fishing report and some ideas for fly fishing the greater Seattle area during the month of July!

Summer has arrived in the greater Seattle area.  July is another great month to get out and enjoy some fly fishing in Washington.  Here is a list of some great fly fishing ideas and a fishing report for fly fishing anglers headquartered in or visiting the Western Washington region.

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Where to Go Fly Fishing in Washington in the Month of June

Banks Lake Largemouth Bass Fly Fishing

June is here and fly fishing in the Seattle area has plenty to offer this month.  Here is a fishing report and some ideas on where you may want to spend some time with your fly rods in the Seattle and general Washington area. 

If we can help with equipment, other location ideas, flies, or anything else to get you out on the water, swing by the shop or give us a call.

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Where to Go Fly Fishing in Washington in the Month of May

Nunnally Lake Brown Trout
Fly fishing in the state of Washington is full of opportunities all year long.  Every month is prime time for something.  In May, numerous fly fishing opportunities abound. Here is a list of places to consider if you’re looking for good fly fishing trips in and around the state of Washington.

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How to Tie the Exasperator Steelhead Fly

Instructions for Tying Bennett's Steelhead ExasperatorIn this article, learn how to tie the Exasperator from the tying desk of the Exasperator's creator, Michael Bennett.  Step by step directions with photos and tying tips.  "There is something about the Exasperator.  It seems to turn fish when nothing else will.  All steelhead fly junkies have their favorite flies and for me, for many years now, the Exasperator has been my go-to big fly". 

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Umpqua Power Taper Leaders

Umpqua Power Taper leaders are quickly becoming my favorite leader to fish. Whether you are fishing skinny water in Puget Sound or hopper fishing a big River, a little extra help goes along way. We as anglers tend to think of fly line tapers for assistance when casting large or heavy flies. This is true, there are tapers for every fishing situation out there, but the leader is often overlooked.

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RIO InTouch Big Nasty Review


Since my last blog post on the RIO Coastal Quickshooter I have received many comments regarding a floating line option for Puget Sound sea run cutthroat fishing. No, there is not a floating version of the Quickshooter in the works at RIO that I know of. The floating line choice for many anglers who use neutrally buoyant or top water flies in Puget Sound has been a shooting head line such as an OutBound for its ease of casting and a forceful punch though the wind. However, as with all shooting heads, the lack of back taper decreases line control.

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Tying the Pass Lake Minnow

Pacific Fly Fishers' Pass Lake Minnow

Pacific Fly Fishers' Pass Lake Minnow has been a popular and productive fly for imitating Fathead Minnows in Washington's Pass Lake.  In this article, learn how to tie the Pass Lake Minnow.  Includes the photos, instruction and necessary materials.

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Invention of the RIO Coastal QuickShooter

RIO Coastal QuickShooter Fly Line

RIO's new Coastal Quickshooter fly line has been an instant hit with Puget Sound cutthroat anglers.  Read about the ideas and process of developing the line from Pacific Fly Fishers' Capt. Ben Zander, who created the idea and helped RIO to make the line to his specifications.  The RIO Coastal Quickshooter is an intermediate sinking line with a clear head and chartreuse running line.  It shoots like a laser beam into stiff beach winds and keeps the fly in the fish's zone.

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6mm Fly Tying Foam

6mm Foam Fly Tying Foam

In recent years, the use of thicker forms of foam have become much more prevalent in the world of fly tying.  Saltwater poppers like the Tequilla Popper, the popular Morrish Mouse (pictured), numerous bass poppers, and even steelhead skaters are utilizing thicker foam to keep flies riding high and creating more surface disturbance.

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Double Pupil Lead Eyes

Fluorescent Double Pupil Lead Dumbbell Eyes

New from Hareline, these Double Pupil Lead Eyes are a great substitute for tying Christmas Island Special bonefish flies.They look fantastic and the fluorescent colors (Fl. Pink, Fl. Orange, and Chartreuse) are super bright.

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