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Float Tube vs. Pontoon Boat

Few things can impact the success and enjoyment of fly fishing more than having a way to get out on the water.  Whether you are fishing rivers or lakes, having a way to float the river or get out on that lake will usually make your day more productive and fun.  Often, anglers start with a float tube or pontoon boat since they are both fairly inexpensive and don’t require a lot of storage space like a drift boat does.

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Simms Cold Weather Gloves

Fall has finally made its way into Western Washington. The temps are dropping and most anglers are starting to think about chum salmon and steelhead. As we get further into winter the need for warm comfortable clothing comes into mind. We have a saying here at Pacific Fly Fishers, happy hands equals happy fisherman. Here we break down the new line up of gloves from Simms. All have angler specific functions and all will keep your hands toasty throughout long cold days on the river.

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Steelhead Flies Perfect for Eastern WA Rivers

We're getting lots of good reports for steelhead fishing on the Grande Ronde, Methow and Wenatchee rivers. Here are some solid fly choices to keep you casting with confidence.

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New Dubbings

We've added some new kinds of dubbing here at Pacific Fly Fishers.  And we also have a number of others on clearance sale for $0.99.  Check them out.  We have new dubbings for dry flies, nymphs, steelhead, and even a dubbing that makes very cool small baitfish streamers.  Here is a list of the new dubbings:

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Lenice Lake - Hold the Wind, Please.

When I arrived at Lenice and opened the door of my truck, it was immediately pulled from my hand, blew open and shook the truck as it reached the maximum limit of the hinges. “Whoa, it’s a bit windier than I thought it was”, I said to myself.

In the parking lot, a customer and friend of PFF watched me roll in and came over to say hello. He regrettably informed me that the lake was fishing pretty slow and that it had been windy all morning and he was heading home. I could certainly see the wind hadn’t let up as I began packing my boat with the eight million fishing goodies I like to have with me in a day of fishing.

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Video: Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

Filming the WDFW video on Banks Lake while fly fishing for smallmouth bass. Watch the video.

I recently had the opportunity to help with the filming of a short video on fly fishing for smallmouth bass on Banks Lake. The video is part of a series of videos the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is producing to promote the amazing variety of fisheries found in Washington.

Bruce Bolding (WDFW Warmwater Fish Program Manager, Olympia, WA) and Danny Garrett (Biologist and video producer extraordinaire, Mill Creek, WA) were the representatives of WDFW and the ones producing the video. David Williams, author of the soon to be released book, Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth, and I were the anglers in the video.

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Mid June Update

It’s late spring in Western Washington and June 1st signals the opener for our local rivers. Summer-run steelhead fishing has finally arrived. Although the calendar might say it’s the sixth month and New Years is January 1st, I tend to count my years starting mostly with the steelhead seasons. So June 1st to me is the start of a new year for fishing tallies.

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May 26th Yak

Michael Bennett, and Mason Denger finally talked me into my first trip down the Yakima river in 5 years. It ended up being the best upper river day I have ever had. A handful of big fish to the hand, and plenty of missed opportunities to boot. The dryfly action wasn’t super, so we spent most of the day nymphing using Pats Rubber Leg Stones, Prince Nymphs, and Graphic Caddis.

Michael ended up pulling up this beauty cutthroat on the Prince Nymph. But the Graphic Caddis has seemed to be the go to fly if there has been any type of caddis hatch going on.

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Tarpon Tour Mexico 2014

Pacific Fly Fishers hosts trips all over the world. Our most recent one just concluded, by Ben Zander, was on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. The trip was a success and is recommended to any angler wanting to pursue baby tarpon on a fly rod.

The trip started with a flight to Cancun, easy enough, followed by a 5 hour van ride to Tarpon Cay Lodge in San Felipe. We were greeted by our lodge host Bato with a tray of Margaritas that I think must taste exactly like holy water. Tarpon Cay Lodge is a three story building, the tallest in San Felipe, that boasts fantastic Mexican decor and air conditioned rooms that sleeps weary anglers well.

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Banks Lake Bassin

This Banks Lake smallmouth ate the Meat Whistle fished on a 6wt rod and full sinking line.  The flat bay where this fish was taken was about eight feet deep with lots of rocks on the bottom.  It appeared to be an important (and wind-protected) bay for the fish to spawn in and they were staged and just about ready to go.  Didn't see very many spawning beds yet.  Probably will start spawning in the next week or two, I would assume.

If you’re looking for something different, give Banks Lake a shot for great numbers of smallmouth bass. Mid- to late-May is a great time to fish Banks for the bass that are in pre-spawn mode. They are typically in five to fifteen feet of water and staging in or around rocky flats where they will eventually spawn.

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