Double Pupil Brass Eyes



Hareline's Double Pupil Brass Eyes are just like the Double Pupil Lead Eyes but are made of brass instead of lead.  This brass version is not quite as heavy as the lead version and are perfect for lighter bonefish flies, steelhead flies and much more. 

These Double Pupil Brass Eyes are incredibly nice looking due to the three different colors of paint used to create the eyes.  The white iris of these Double Pupil Lead Eyes really makes the eye and pupil "pop" and adds something to the fly.  The fish may not notice, but they will certainly make your fly box look cool.

Looking for dumbbell eyes for the Christmas Island Special? Short of painting your own eyes, these are the closest we can find to the original pattern offered by Umpqua and they look pretty dang nice when the fly is complete.  Size Small is perfect on a size 6 or size 8 Christmas Island Special.

Hareline Double Pupil Brass Eyes - Quantity of 10 eyes per package.

  • Small: 4mm dia.
  • Medium: 4.8mm dia.
  • Large: 5.5mm dia.