Tippet Rings

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Tippet Rings are an easy way to connect tippet to your leaders. They are especially handy for connecting fluorocarbon tippet to regular nylon leaders where knots are never as strong due to the different characteristics of fluorocarbon vs nylon. Tippet rings have become especially popular on European nymphing leaders, chironomid leaders, and at the end of a furled leader.

These little Tippet Rings come on a handy snap so they don't get lost and are easy to attach to a vest or pack for quick access.  They are offered in three sizes as follows:

  • Small:  5/64-inch (2.0 mm) outer dia.
  • Medium:  3/32-inch (2.5 mm) outer dia.
  • Large:  1/8-inch (3.1 mm) outer dia.

TIP:  To attach a tippet ring to your leader, leave the ring on the snap while you tie it to the leader.  Once the knot is complete, then remove the ring from the snap.  If you remove a tippet ring first, tying it to your leader is very difficult because the rings are so small.