Net Man by Lively Legz

Lively Legz


The Net Man by Lively Legz simply makes sense for an easy, convenient way to carry your landing net on your belt. The Net Man attaches to your wading belt and a clip is secured to your net with screws (provided). With the aid of a magnet, your net is securely attached to the Net Man on your belt until you need to net a fish. The whole system is quick and easy and includes an elastic lanyard so your net doesn't float away.

Here is what Lively Legz has to say about the Net Man:

LivelyLegz NET MAN - The most innovative, hands-free net carrying system in the world!

Introducing the best hassle free, quick access, and comfortable way to carry your net on the water. The Net Man is a new innovation in net carrying systems, created to comfortably hold and carry your net until you need it to land that fish of a lifetime. No more falling over backwards trying to get to your net; the Net Man is here to assist you like an extra hand on the water.

This Three-Piece Net Security System Includes:

  • The HOLSTER: Custom designed to securely clip on to your belt, holding your net in a comfortable position at your side.
  • A magnetically secured MOUNTING BRACKET: Attaches to your net allowing it to hang securely in the holster piece.
  • A LivelyLegz LANYARD: Safely connects your net to the holster, ensuring that if you drop it in the water, your net will stay with you and not float downstream.


  • Belt Mounted Holster
  • Mounting Bracket with Screws
  • LivelyLegz Lanyard
  • Neodymium Magnetic Connection
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in the USA
  • Veteran Owned