Dubbing Loop Material Clip

More and more modern flies are being tied with rabbit hair that is removed from the hide and put into a dubbing loop. This tying method is used for the head area on many Intruder-style flies and I have used it for years on my pattern, the Exasperator. After years of using my hands, the Dubbing Loop Material Clip makes it so much faster and allows you to put more hair in the loop much easier. It is also very effective for ostrich, rhea, and even other things like various flash materials.
This is a product we make here at the shop. It is really just a clip you can buy at an office supply store but then we line the inside of the clip with foam so that it holds onto the materials better. There are other products on the market to do this but they are much more expensive and aren’t as wide to hold as much material as this one.

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