Two rivers one day

Sunday, the beauty of this area is just what the title suggests. Was able to fish the upper sky Sunday morning before the sun came out to visit. Low water conditions are here for the summer. Which means light lines and more traditional flies. Was able to get two really good takes, well one really good grab and then the missed fish just subsurface. It is always fun to watch the boil even if you don’t hook up the fish. But there is something to be said about feeling something goofy and then seeing the boil of the missed fish. Tried a bunch of different skaters to try and tempt it back, but to no avail.

Its time to explore and hunt the upper sky for fish, there still around and with the right conditions fishing can still be fair.

In the afternoon it was off to the NF Stilly. Pulled into Oso about 5:00, bunch of guys in the deer creek area, so down river we went. Was able to fish our way all the way down the the Hell Hole, with one missed fish. The river is really starting to turn into a creek with the nice weather we have been having. There are a few fish around up there, but a good summer rain could really turn that thing on.

Tight Lines,

Joe Ewing PFF, Northwest Steelheading

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