Klickitat River

Ok so I spent my B-day fishing the Klick for a few days.  Hot sunny weather, good camping, fishing not so good for the swingin guy.  For the temps the river was in pretty good shape.  Not to cloudy but not to clear either. I was kinda hoping it would be dirtier or clearer. 

There were plenty of fish in the river and talked to a few of the locals that have been finding quite a few in the upper teens.  If the conditions stay the same fishing in the upper float, Stinson to slide, are going to be tough to swing up a fish in the midst of all the conventional and bobber boats on the river.  Try the lower river if you plan on swinging less traffic and just as many fish or hope for some dirtier water or a good cold snap to clear that thing up a bunch.  Also be prepared to share the river, the Saturday float came with about 18 boats, the Sunday float wasn’t as bad with about 10.  Also don’t keep stuff in your rig.  Lost the drivers side window along with some bags parked right there at the slide take out.  If you know this take out the nose of my truck was about 2 ft from the main road.  Busy Sunday with plenty of fisherman and rafters on the river and the punks had the balls to do it right in the middle of the day.  I could have stayed and fished the sky for no steelies and parked at reiter and had the truck window smashed.  Just watch your stuff, its getting worse everywhere we go now.

As for the fish I did catch, if your into bows found plenty of those in the river landed a couple didn’t even try to play about 15 not so much fun on the 7 wt Scott.  Average size was about 13” and they were willing players, most of them were taking big spey patterns and even a few bruisers.  Probably could have had a bunch of fish if Iwas targeting those with the right flies.  Hopefully soon we get word on the opening of the Wenatchee, and Methow rivers.


Tight Lines

Joe PFF, Northwest Steelheading

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