Lake Whatcom

I guided on Lake Whatcom on Monday with customer Arne and his two sons, Blake and Dakota. We had a great day and good weather. The fish were pretty tough but we got plenty of little guys and had a couple good-sized smallmouth up to the boat but they managed to get off. Overall, we caught smallmouth, yellow perch and a few really nice cutthroat throughout the day.

Blake and Dakota had never cast a fly rod before in their lives. They were great students, listened well, were fishing in no time. It was great fun to see two really nice kids as they caught their first fish on a fly rod. Dakota caught my favorite fish of the day… a nice yellow perch that was sitting off a weedline in about 10 feet of water.

If you have a boat (two-stroke engines are not allowed on Lake Whatcom) or float tube, or pontoon boat, and are looking for a great place to go catch some fish… big or small… Lake Whatcom has lots of fish in it. We didn’t find them today, but it also has plenty of REALLY NICE smallmouth to keep your concentration up.

Thanks to Arne, Blake and Dakota for a great day!

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