New Web Site Launches

Sorry we haven’t had a recent blog report posted in a while but we’ve been very busy. After many months of work, we have finally launched the new version of our website and catalog. Nice job by Peter, PFF’s in-house web guru, for making this new site way more technically advanced, better looking, and much more interesting.

You will hopefully notice many new features on the new site and a ton of new functionality in the catalog… such as wish lists, online gift certificates, (optional) user account creation and maintenance, and much more.

Well, we haven’t been working all the time. In the last couple months, I’ve been fishing for redfish in New Orleans, up to the Skeena for steelhead (despite dirty water and barely getting to fish), smallmouth fishing on local lakes, and having a ton of fun on the Skagit for pinks… oh yeah, and some trout fishing in lakes too. Ben has been guiding his butt off on Puget Sound, taking his new boat out, and targeting pinks and silvers in the salt on his few days off. Joe has been guiding for pinks in the local rivers and now steelhead in E. Washington. Peter doesn’t fish (yet) but he has hiked half of the Cascade Mountain Range in just the last few months. (He hikes a lot!).

Let us know if you have any comments on the new web site. We would love to hear your feedback.

Best Regards and Good Fishing,


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