Hardy and Greys now at PFF

Pacific Fly Fishers is excited to announce that we have recently added Hardy and Greys as new product lines to our store (coming to the web catalog soon). Hardy has a long history in fly fishing and is especially significant in Spey reels in our region. Another influencing factor in our decision was two spectacular value-priced rods from Greys (a subsidiary company to Hardy). Here is a run-down of what we’ll be carrying in 2014 from Hardy/Greys…


Hardy Bougle Reels

The Hardy Bougle reel is a gorgeous reel that we have admired as a number of customers have brought them in to PFF over the years. Made in England and retailing for $595, the Bougle is a perfect for any angler that wants a high quality reel with that sweet Hardy sound and makes a great gift for the Spey enthusiast. Initially at least, we will only be carrying the Bougle 4-inch Reel in stock. (New version introduced for 2014).


Hardy Marquis Reels

Classic Hardy style and sound without a big price tag, the Hardy Marquis reels are also a hit in the Spey crowd. These reels come in three sizes for the switch rod to the larger Spey rods and come in at an easy to swallow price range between $275 and $325.


Hardy Lightweight Reels

Don’t feel left out if you’re not a two-hand-rod-yielding Spey guy. We’re also carrying the Hardy Lightweight Reels that are the same classic styling and sound but at a doable price point of $249 - $299. This is perfect for that traditional looking reel on bamboo fly rods! We will be carrying three of the four sizes in stock – the Featherweight, L.R.H. Lightweight, and the Reel Princess sizes.


Hardy Zenith Rods

The Hardy Zenith Rods have created quite a bit of buzz over the last few years and we are excited to get these rods into the store and get to know them better. Starting in April, we will have a few Zenith rods in the store. Come in and check them out and see what you think. Prices range from around $600 to $750.


Greys GR50 Rods

Wow! That is what all of us had to say after casting the Greys GR50 rods. You will say “Wow!” again after looking at the $179.99 - $189.99 price tag. These are really, really nice rods for such an incredible price. Definitely make a point to come into the store and cast these rods if you or a friend are on the market for something like this.

Greys GR30 Rods

Not quite as amazing as the GR50 rods, but still an exceptional fly rod and even less money at $119.99 to $149.99. We’re big fans of what Redington does in this kind of price range, but now we have something that will really compete with them and give our customers some great rods to choose from in the $100 - $200 price range.

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