Simms Solarflex Sun Gloves



Simms Solarflex Sun Gloves are made from lightweight, UPF 50 material that protects your hands from harsh sun.  Sun gloves are considered a mandatory piece of clothing for many anglers taking trips to tropical destinations for a week or so of fishing... especially if you live in Seattle like us the rest of the time!  We like the Solarflex Sun Gloves because they are lighter and cooler than many sun gloves, giving you a better feel of the rod and line as you fish.  The Solarflex Sun Gloves do, however, feature extra reinforcement on the stripping finger for extra durability and extended length on the index and middle fingers for those fingers that are most exposed to the sun while fishing.  They also feature a handy snap to snap the gloves together, which is really helpful when trying to find them in your packed tackle bag!

Here is what Simms has to say about their Solarflex Sun Gloves:

UPF50 strength for hard-working, long-casting, line-stripping hands
Simms’ SolarFlex™ SunGloves shield hands from a blasting sun with UPF50 stretch fabric in a nimble half-finger design. Lightweight, grip ready gloves feature extended coverage on index and middle fingers for stripping durability, while extended cuffs shutter wrists and come equipped with pairing snaps for easy storage.

  • Lightweight, UPF50 sun glove with improved coverage & fit
  • Suede overlays on pointer and middle fingers
  • Half finger style with extended coverage on index/middle fingers, long length to cover the wrists & pairing snaps for storage
  • FABRIC TECH: SolarFlex®- 92% polyester/8% spandex
  • APPROX. WEIGHT: 1 oz.
Simms Glove Sizing
Width* Length*
7.5" - 8" 6.75" - 7.25"
8" - 8.5" 7.25" - 7.75"
8.75" - 9.25" 7.75" - 8.25"
9.5" - 10" 8.25" - 9"

* This is a body measurement

Simms Glove Measure Image