Hardy 1939 Bouglé Heritage Reels


$725.00 - $795.00

The 1939 Hardy Bouglé Heritage series of reels pay homage to the original Bouglé that was last in production in 1939. The beautiful gun metal finish on the 1939 Bouglé is reminiscent of the original Bouglé. Timeless classic looks with an updated Mark ll check system. These are full cage, click pawl reels that look great on any rod and will last for generations.

From Hardy on the 1939 Bouglé Heritage Reels -

The original Bougle was last produced in 1939, and many collectors believe the reel reached both its functional and aesthetic apex, even though few reels were produced that year. Now, the 1939 Bougle Heritage Reel Series pays homage to those rare originals. These reels feature the time tested Mark II check mechanism and are finished with a dark gun metal anodization, reminiscent of the original.

  • Classic 1939 style Bougle
  • Stunning Gun metal colour scheme
  • Sweet sounding, wide ranging check system
  • Easily changed from left to right hand wind
  • Supplied with Hardy Bros. soft leather sheepskin-lined reel pouch

  • 3 3/4" 

    Spool Width
    3 3/4"
    7.2 oz.
    Line Size
    3-6 wt spey/switch
    30 lb. Backing
    *150 yds.
  • 4" 

    Spool Width
    7.9 oz.
    Line Size
    6-9 wt spey/switch
    30 lb. Backing
    *250 yds.

*Backing capacity will vary based on different styles of lines.