Sage R8 Spey & Switch Rods



Sage R8 Spey and Switch rods. Sage's eighth revolution in technology. Lighter, stronger, re-defined actions, with more power, and faster recovery. Sage R8 Spey & Switch rods have specific tapers for each rod model, inspired by the regions and scenarios these rods will be fished in.

Throughout the Spey R8 series, there are two switch rods, made for tight quarters, Skagit heads, coastal fisheries and smaller river systems.

Next, there are eight rods in the Spey R8 series that vary from, 12' 6", 13' 0", and 13' 6" lengths, and in rod weights 6, 7, 8, & 9. These are you're Pacific Northwest inspired rods and they are fast-action rods, but with a smooth, easy-loading feel. These rods are ideal for Skagit and Scandi heads and are certainly easy casting, do it all rods. These Northwest inspired rods include the following models: 5126-4, 6130-4, 7116-4, 8116-4, 7126-4, 7130-4, 7136-4, 8116-4, 8130-4, 8136-4 and 9130-4.

The 8126-4, 9140-6, and the 10150-4 models are well suited to casters that prefer a very fast action "European Feel". Casters that like long Scandi and traditional Spey lines will really dig these Spey R8 models. But they are also absolute canons when rigged up with the right Skagit head. 

For the anglers hunting the biggest of the big, Chinook salmon, Atlantic Salmon, and Chum salmon, the 14 foot 9wt (9140-6) and 15 foot 10wt (10150-4) Spey R8 models are going to be the rods for you. Long belly traditional Spey lines cast like a dream on these rods, but they are also ideal for heavy Skagit heads and lifting long, heavy sink-tips from the deep, fast water when chasing Kings all day.  When multi-density heads, heavy, long sink tips are routine and long casts are the norm, the 9140-6 and the 10150-4 will have no problem lifting that out of the water and hucking it a mile!

There's no doubt that all of the Spey R8 and switch rods will cast any style of line out there, but the cool thing is that some of these rod models really tailor to certain styles of casting. If you have a specific style of casting or if you're a Skagit guy, or gal, or a long belly kind of person, there is a Spey R8 that'll match your style perfectly. 

The aesthetics of the Spey R8 rods are just gorgeous, and they tip their hat to Sage's deeply rooted history in Spey rods, Spey fishing, and anadromous fish. As Sage stated themselves, "The overall look feels fresh yet familiar" "Distinctively Sage"

A rich and warm ale colored blank accompanied by black and gold trim wraps bring together Sage's history, culture, and innovation. Up-locking reel seats on the two switch rods, and down-locking reel seats on all of the Spey models for perfect a balance. "Tangle Free" Fuji K-series stripping guides, a traditional dark walnut insert with graphite machined aluminum hardware on the reel seat matches beautifully with the warm ale colored blank, and brings Sage Spey R8 and switch rods together in one hell of a stunning package.

  • Revolution 8 Technology
  • Ale blank color
  • Grey primary thread wraps with gold and black trim
  • Super-Plus grade cork handle & rear grip with composite cork trim rings
  • Fuji K-Series "Tangle Free" stripping guides
  • Aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion
  • Handcrafted on Bainbridge Island, WA, USA
Model: Style: Handle: Line: Length:
5126-4 Spey
5wt 12' 6"
6130-4 Spey B 6wt 13' 0"
7116-4 Switch A
7wt 11' 6"
7126-4 Spey B
7wt 12' 6"
7130-4 Spey B 7wt 13' 0"
7136-4 Spey B 7wt 13' 6"
8116-4 Switch A
8wt 11' 6"
8126-4 Spey B 8wt 12' 6"
8130-4 Spey B
8wt 13' 0"
8136-4 Spey B
8wt 13' 6"
9130-4 Spey B 9wt 13' 0"
9140-6 Spey C 9wt 14' 0"
10150-4 Spey B 10wt 15' 0"