Tie-In Fold Over Eye Tabs



Hareline's Tie In Fold Over Eye Tabs are a quick way to add stick-on eyes to your flies.  These clear tabs are an especially great solution for attaching eyes to materials that are difficult to glue eyes onto.  Or, they are also great for avoiding the additional weight and time consuming process of using epoxies or UV resins on your fly heads.

Tie In Fold Over Eye Tabs can be used to attach any kind of adhesive eyes.  They are especially nice with 3D or dome style eyes.  Our 3D Hologram Dome Eyes or 3D Big Fish Eyes work perfectly with these Tie In Fold Over Eye Tabs.  Non-adhesive eyes can be used but must be glued to the eye tabs.

Sizes:  Use size Small for eyes with a diameter of 1/4" or smaller.  Use Medium for eyes of 1/4" to 1/2" diameter.  Use size Large for eyes of 3/4" or smaller diameter. 

12 tabs per package to tie a pair of eyes onto 12 flies.

Here is what Hareline has to say about their Tie In Fold Over Eye Tabs

You can attach any of our 3D Adhesive Eyes or 3D Big Fish Eyes on these crystal clear tabs.  They will adhere without any requirement of additional glue.  You can tie in prior to tying your fly or cut and use the tag to tie in once the fly is completed.  Either way, they work great!  Small works with 1/4" eyes or smaller.  Medium works with eyes 1/2" or smaller and Large 3/4" or smaller.